Brian Roe

Brian Roe

Hey, Brian here, a few words on who I am and what I do.
I am a digital artist & photographer based in the city of Brighton in the UK. I specialise in adding my own interpretation of ethereal and beauty into my photography through my digital artistry .

I am a veteran Photoshop professional, starting my web & graphic design career in 1995 with Microsoft, from there I worked for the BBC, HMV & American Express as a web & graphic designer. My last ‘office’ job was for AMZ Tracker in Bangkok as Web & Media Manager. I have been freelance for the past decade.

I recalibrated my skill-set somewhere along my career path to being a digital artist & photographer.
Thought my career, I have been involved in the music industry as a session drummer, I was professional until the age of 30, touring & recording all over the world.
I built this website for those who have expressed an appreciation for my work and want to make a purchase of my prints and for photographers, Lightroom & Photoshop users to gain some ‘how-to” knowledge from my blog posts.

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