“Golden brown, texture like sun, Lays me down, with my mind she runs, Throughout the night, no need to fight, Never a frown with golden brown”The Stranglers

A shimmering golden ocean surrounding the old lady of Brighton. She basks there in the setting sun with the golden waves lapping at her iron legs like a friendly cat who wants some food and affection.

Golden by ©Brian Roe
Golden by ©Brian Roe

One of my Fav’s

I decided to make’Golden’ available as a print because of the amount of traction the composition acquired on social media. Personally, for me, its one of my favourites! It makes me feel warm inside when I gaze at it, it kind of gets under the surface on a cold day, I would say that it puts a smile on my face but that’s probably the copious amount of coffee I have drank today.

Golden-by-Brian roe in frame

The Look & Feel

This was a similar approach to smoother compositions on here but I wanted to stay away from primary colours this time. This is a style that has taken me decades to develop and I have gone deep to get Golden to look like this. A lot of hours…

I always approach a new composition with the look and feel already set in my mind! This was no different. I wanted Gold…? I wanted it to shine and I wanted it to look metallic. I think I just about pulled it off.

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