“When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride, Till I get to the bottom and I see you again”Lennon & McCartney

Helter Skelter by ©MrBrianRoe
Helter Skelter  ©MrBrianRoe

I have to admit that I got a bit obsessed with the Helter Skelter at the end of the Palace Pier in Brighton?
I used to work opposite it in the late 80’s selling sunglasses and saw so many people take a ride on it. Its such a simple concept, no moving parts, just a spiral wooden slide, but I never saw an unhappy face get off the rough matting at the bottom of the ride.

The Celebs

Iv’e seen all sorts take a ride on it. Even saw the late political commentator and broadcaster Anthony Howard take trip on it once, He smiled that famous gap-toothed grin too as he alighted. I even met the American Actor Brian Dennehy next to the Helter Skelter on the day that Lee Marvin died, I offered my condolences to his friend. And of course, a mention to the 80’s pop band Swing Out Sister who had got chased off the pier by a group of screaming fans. Yep, some fun times were had at the Helter Skelter.

Framed Helter Skelter Print by @MrBrianRoe
Framed Helter Skelter Print by @MrBrianRoe

The Shot

I first captured the Helter Skelter with my Google Pixel 3 XL phone, in normal jpg mode. The photo showed real promise, so I returned on a cloudy day with my Lumix DSLR and shot this at the perspective you see. It was a fiddly job getting the alignments right (pain in the arse to be honest) it took a long time. But I got there in the end.

The Mystery

What captivates me about the Helter Skelter is the artwork on the outside? The red and blue wavy lines that draw the eye up to the top, getting narrower and narrower as they do so. Old school fairground art work has always had an almost sinister feel to it, definitely not missed here. Almost like its enticing the potential rider up the inner staircase and up to the top…

The Look & Feel

I ran a few adjustment layers over the composition in Photoshop and then started playing around with a look and feel that I worked on with a clients pictures. The look is from the Grand Theft Auto Vice City game which features semi cartoon and outlined images of Miami in the mid 80’s. A look that promotes neon lights and kodak film skies.
I know it doesn’t have a Miami sunset look to it, but the technique I used achieved the look and feel I was after.

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