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Web Designer

I have been a principal and lead web designer for over 20 years and have worked for some of the biggest corporations on the planet. These include Microsoft (MSN), The BBC, HMV Music, and American Express. I was also the Web & Media manager for an Amazon-based company based in Bangkok.

After the corporates, I worked as a freelance web & graphic designer for 14 years running my own internet company called Indio Internet, (Named after my son). This included everything there is that is involved in the lifecycle of a website.

Indio Internet not only designed media-rich websites but ran web & email hosting services. Our many projects involved a business model that leveraged our full skillsets, from business consultants to branding, marketing, and advertising consultants.


I took a few years out of the design sphere when created my own cosmetics company which has now been sold. (And yes, I created the website for this) Unedited Cosmetics. ‘Unedited’ gave me the opportunity to flex my entrepreneurial muscles! I did the whole Dragons Den thing, onboarding investors, product development and finally relinquishing the company to a major advertising and marketing company.

It was an amazing experience, and boy did I learn… A massive lesson in life. This journey also helped me learn about myself and the fact that I’m not enough of a hard-ass to run a registered trademark company. No offense, but you do need to be quite tough-nosed to get on in that sphere of high-end business.

iNDiO Digital Media

I am now back to my passion as a web and graphic designer. Indio Internet has been rebranded as iNDiO Digital Media. I have new web servers and have just completed the website of a major leading makeup artist who is Key (makeup world speak for lead) for the New York, Milan, Paris & London Fashion Week circuit.

I will be focusing a lot of attention on web & graphic design this year (2021 – 22) to grow iNDiO Digital Media and expand further into the music and fashion world for both websites, art & photography. This will include branding, album cover, posters, and promotional materials.

I have already sold the rights for a composition for a New Age compilation album by Lift Music ‘Cloud Jumping’. and the launch posters for the Volks’s Drum & Bass club in Brighton. See my Instagram.
I have 2 further album cover commissions in the pipeline and a project for my style of digital art featuring the old red phone boxes for an advertising campaign for a media company (no names given at this time).

Consultancy, Talks & Education

I offer consultancy and education in the arenas of digital media, web design, and the fundamentals of intuitive content planning.  I can teach one-on-one or in a full classroom scenario, in person or online.

My gamut of skillset covers web & graphic design and the business side of the digital media industry. I also give talks on the psychology of web design and user behavior – basically, how people engage with web & media on an emotional level and what ultimately makes them reach for their credit card to make an online purchase or sign up to a newsletter.

Please message me if you’d like to discuss a website, a media project, or scoping the online possibility of a business idea. I’d be more than happy to talk with you.

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