“”It’s the sense of walking back into the Garden of Eden or something like that. Where suddenly everything is perfect and you see how you’re connected to everything in the world.”Larkin Grimm

Jepshon Gardens By Brian Roe - Free Download
Jepshon Gardens By Brian Roe

I had to get in the bushes to get the shot, it was late afternoon in October and the gardens were pretty full, I got a few funny looks, I can tell you?  People thinking that I may be up to no good. Anyway, it was worth it, I got the shot I wanted.

The Garden of Eden

Well, not quite, but it’s the nearest I have come to it in the UK. Jephson Gardens are a very very special place to me, they have been since I was a baby. I grew up playing here, I moved into teenage years skateboarding here and then to romantic walks with a special lady.

I adore this place, it’s full of beauty, nature, and history. The River Leam runs by its side, with the Swans and geese paddling past. The pond and fountain in the middle with the noisy Mallards. I had a mate I worked with at the Leam Boat Centre who got quite paranoid at the Mallards! They do have the most annoying quack of any aquatic bird (or Duck), my mate always thought they were laughing at him, he’d get somewhat annoyed. Then again, he did smoke a lot of weed.

Jephson Gardens-Square_Poster_Frame

The Look and Feel

I may have gone a bit over the top with the editing on ‘Jephson Gardens’? I couldn’t help myself when I saw how good it came out. It kept whispering ‘Garden of Eden’ and hanging Gardens of Babylon’ to me.
Seeing the composition come to life with the layering and colour grading was both a mediative and exciting process. I knew that as the composition developed, it was so different from some of my darker work, with no mist, reflection, or vignette with this one! Just a vista of serenity and calm in the beautiful Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa.

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