“For a spiritual journey, you don’t have to meditate or visit a temple or listen to a guru! Just live a misty morning while the sun is rising!” – Mehmet Muratildan

West Pier Brighton by Brian Roe

It was a serene, quiet yet eerie morning when I captured this shot. I had to do my research on the tide times and get up early, get on my bike, and ride down to a deserted Brighton Beach. There was no rush, I had the entire beach to myself and as the dim haze of the mist, the sun rose in the east. This was an opportunity to meditate in this ethereal and serene setting. It was too good to miss.

Chocolate wrappers and all things shiny

My inspiration for the look and feel came from memories of the colours of Christmas. Most of all the chocolates on the tree, my brothers and I would try our best (but often failed) to take a chocolate decoration without anybody else noticing. I was always attracted to the purple ones. The color and texture of the water represent the happiest of winter times to me.

50 Shots of calm

I took about 50 photos, in the end, just to get this one final picture. I worked for days in Photoshop creating the look and feel! Layer on layer of luminosity masks and hue, and saturation filters. All this and still filled with the state of bliss that seemed to consume me that magical morning in early January. Every time I look at this composition, it calms me and takes me back to that feeling. I hope some of it transfers to you.

Misty Morning at the West Pier-framed-floor

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